Plaster Statues, Busts, Columns and Pedestals, Wall Sculpture Plaques and Figurines
If you've ever tried painting plastercraft (also known as "plaster of paris"), you know what a fun craft it is and it's easy to paint! If you haven't, you don't know what a fun time you're missing! If you like to paint ceramics, you'll find that it's the same but there's no firing or kiln necessary. Try painting our plastercraft statues and you will quickly see how easy a professional finish can be. Most statues and wall art plaques can be painted in less than an hour! Plastercrafts are similar to ceramics, but there is no firing or kiln necessary. Simply use easy water based acrylic paints.

Our family has been in the plaster statue manufacturing business since 1962 in New Jersey and we have always taken great pride in our quality! From small Christmas Ornaments and Lighted Christmas Village Houses to our Decorative Plaster Pedestals , we use the highest grade statuary plaster available so our statues have a very high surface strength and the brightest white appearance. They also require less paint because the surface is less porous than traditional statues, so the paint has a solid surface area to adhere to.
  • Ready to paint plaster statues and wall decor
  • Inexpensive and Easy
  • Similar to ceramics, but there is no kiln or firing necessary!
  • Use waterbased acrylic paints
  • Easy Cleanup
All our plastercraft figurines arrive white, unpainted and are ready to paint unless otherwise specified. Why buy painted when you can paint your own statue? Paint it yourself to suit your house decor or just leave them as white art plaster. Many of our statues look great unpainted, a great example of a statue that can be left white is the David statue by Michelangelo . Columns and pedestals will also look great white but they can be painted with acrylic latex paint to match your decor. Many other classical statues will look great as white-ware. Try it, it's easy, inexpensive and fun.

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